ASME Code Online Seminar

ASME Section VIII -제작 및 검사

ASME Section IX

ASME Section VIII -설계


제작 및 검사  

ASME Section IX (2019 Edition) 

ASME Section VIII 설계

< 고객사 > : LS메탈, 테크로스,삼우 CM, 성도이엔지,포스코 건설, 일신 엔지니어링, 한국 가스안전공사, LG 화학 등

Online ASME Code Training 


1) ASME Section IX (2019 Edition)  >>>

2) ASME Section VIII Div.1 Fabrication and Inspection (2019 Edition) >>>

3) ASME Section VIII Div.1 Design (2019 Edition) >>> 


To whom: QC, Welding engineer of pressure vessel manufacturer, inspection coordinator of EPC and Design Engineer

Tutors  : ASME AI & AIS


Fee : Each course 450,000 KRW / Person

Training material will be distributed by mail.

Inquiry : Ikno Lee (Tel: 031-698-3376 / FAX: 031-601-8338)