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Renewal of CWI status

Service includes

Reliable, fast and accurate service from application to final renewal certification.

-Review all documents required for the renewal process (contents of the application form, career requirements, vision requirements, photos)

-Submit and follow up to AWS (after submission, KETC receives and checks the progress status)

-Receiving updated certifications and stamps

-Send mail to applicants (received by KETC, and send individual mail accurately)


Required documents / submission method

Renewal application + Visual Acuity Form + one Passport copy + one photo

#One . 1 PDF scan file (Resolution at least 400 dpi): Scan in the order of application form (photo not attached), Visual Acuity Form, and a passport copy.
#2 photo JPG. (51mmX 51mm, US visa size)

** No need for a separate career certificate.

Renewal cost

Deposit both USD and Korean currency separately

1) 591 USD : KEB Hana Bank 453-910008-24432 / KETC KOREA CO.,LTD.

2) 240,000 won : KEB Hana Bank 453-910006-35404 / KT Korea Co., Ltd.

** If the renewal period is imminent and the application is urgent, an additional fee may be incurred.

** Forex transfer method:

1) Foreign exchange transfer by visiting a bank or 2) Foreign exchange transfer using Internet Banking using a bank app

** You must inform the bank transfer manager that all transfer fees are borne by the sender (Caution!)

** If the foreign currency deposit amount is insufficient, you will have to remittance and additional fees will be incurred.

Notes on writing

1. Application for renewal (print the form and fill in by hand)

Member #: blank

Certi#: Certification number

Exp: Certificate expiration date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Page 1, paragraph 4: Agency -Certification credentials mailed: KETC Korea Co.,Ltd. entry.

2. Visual Acuity From : Use the official form on the KETC website. (Other versions not available)

3. Working experience : 2 years or more after acquiring the certification (each company on each page)

4. Check photo size : US visa size (51mm X 51mm, square) (passport photo and ID photo not allowed)

5. Omission of name notation : Write name at the top of all pages (same as passport)

Fee notification service for CWI certification holder
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